Write a Codicil to a Will


A codicil to a Will is the only way to modify a Last Will & Testament without revoking it!

When we make a Last Will, we all know that our circumstances can change and at some point we will need to make amendments to our Last Will and Testament or even make a new one. Maybe an executor or a beneficiary named under your Last Will and Testament has passed away, maybe you have simply sold some of the assets mentioned in your Last Will and Testament or maybe you simply want to change who you to bequest your belongings to. Either way, you need to take account of these changes and update your Last Will and Testament and you need to do so quickly.

By writing your own codicil you can ensure that your wishes are up to date.


Lets be clear, if you don’t write a Codicil to Your Last Will and Testament, you could create a situation whereby:

  • YOUR possessions (some or all of them) could be divided in accordance with the law and your wishes regarding their distribution would not be taken into consideration! Codicil
  • YOUR possessions could be placed in to the hands of a person appointed by a
    Court for distribution- which could be a total stranger! Codicil
  • YOUR children could be placed into the care of a guardian appointed by a Court … this again could be a total stranger! Codicil
  • YOU could have missed a very valuable opportunity for tax planning that could end up costing your estate thousands of dollars! Codicil

However, there is a very simple solution

A Legal Codicil Form (or a codicil to a will, as its also called) allows you to modify the provisions of your Last Will & Testament without the need for engaging an attorney to draft an entirely new Last Will and Testament.  Typically, amendments made by a Codicil Form tend to either add or revoke minor provisions of a Will (e.g., an asset which you had gifted to someone has been sold, or a new asset has been bought which you want to gift) or, alternatively, the amendments completely change the majority of the gifts (including the beneficiary of the residuary estate). Codicil

Codicil to Will

By learning How to Write a Codicil form you will be enable you to:-

  • Replace the trustees and executors of your estate ….
    You can decide who has control over your assets and possessions and who administers your spouse's and/or children's trust funds! Codicil
  • Replace or appoint guardians over your infant children ….
    You can determine who will look after the welfare and education of your children! Write Codicil
  • Make or change funeral arrangements ….
    You decide whether and where you would like to be buried or cremated. Codicil
  • Make gifts of your assets to loved ones and friends ….
    You decide which of your possessions you would like to gift and to whom. Codicil to Will

To wite a Codicil to Will, You must ensure that proper Codicil Forms are used. You should ensure that you have adhered to your States instructions in relation to witnesses and signing instructions. In preperation to writing your Codicil to Will, You should write a list of your assets and then proceed to Write you Codicil in accordance to specified Instructions. Codicil

So, as you can see, by learning how to write a Codicil to a Will it can be one of the best ways for you to ensure that the special needs of your family are not affected by an outdated legal Will. By taking the time to complete a Codicil to a Will, you will be taking an important first step in planning for your family’s future! Just call your lawyer to find out more or visit http://www.global-wills.com/codicil.htm.

Martin O’Donoghue - Write a Codicil to Will
Director and Corporate Counsel

Martin O’Donoghue, lawyer and co-founder of http://www.global-wills.com, Global-wills.com has helped thousands of people make a codicil to a last will and testament through the use of codicil forms and legal Will kits. Global-Wills.com helps people to strategically secure the financial future of both them and their family through the provision of international estate planning and asset protection products, forms, resources and information.




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