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Last Will and Testament
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Publisher: Enodare

Pub. Date: Jan 2012

ISBN: 978-1-906144-50-0

Format: e-book

Edition: Third

Country: United States

Pages: 213

Forms: 10


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We'll Show You How You Can - Using A Simple Step-By-Step Process


Before we explain how we can help you, let's take a quick look at why you need a last will & testament and what happens if you die without making a valid last will. Unfortunately, the consequences of dying intestate are all too familiar to many people:

  • No Control Over How Your Assets Are Distributed - your assets will be distributed in accordance with state law and your wishes will not be taken into account;

  • No Control Over Who Cares For Your Children – a court will decide who is appointed as guardian of your children;

  • No Long Term Property Management Arrangements For Your Children – you can only make these arrangements using a last will. A court will decide who manages any inheritances your children receive;

  • No Control Over Who Wraps Up Your Affairs – state law will determine who is appointed as your personal representative and who will be responsible for closing your estate; and

    • Higher Legal & Professional Fees - legal and professional fees associated with the administration of an estate can be higher if you don’t make a will. These fees will be deducted from your estate and will ultimately reduce the overall value of your estate.  




    Making a Will is the only way for you to take control over these matters and to properly provide for the distribution of your assets to your family and friends. Fortunately, thousands of prudent people in America avoid these and other similar problems every year by simply taking the time to make a Will. These people sleep soundly in the knowledge that their estate will be distributed as they see fit and that their children will be taken care of. We are offering you a simple solution to help ensure that you join this sensible group of people!


    We have taken our years of estate planning experience and knowledge and created a simple book that will guide you through the entire process of making a last will & testament. It's called "Make Your Own Last Will & Testament".


    • Overview
    • Table of Contents
    • Forms
    • Requirements

    Make Your Own Last Will & Testament will provide you with everything you need to make your own customized will including step-by-step instructions, detailed information and all the necessary legal forms. It doesn't matter whether you're married or single or even whether you have children or not - this book has a will suitable for everyone!

    In this book, you will learn about wills, making gifts to children, executors, intestacy and probate, estate taxes, estate planning and much more. We’ll show you how to:-

  • make a valid last will & testament in a straightforward and easy way!
  • amend or revoke an existing last will & testament if you need to
  • make gifts of cash and specific property to your loved ones
  • appoint executors to wind up your estate
  • appoint guardians to care for your minor children
  • make provisions for the management of property gifted to beneficiaries who may not be able to manage their inheritance on their own
  • make funeral arrangements
  • and much more....

    With your book, you'll get a variety of fill-in-the-blank will forms that have been prepared by experienced lawyers and customized for use in a variety of different circumstances; as well detailed information, easy-to-follow instructions, helpful worksheets and all of the forms necessary to create your last will & testament. Whether you're married or have children, you'll find everything in here that you could need.


    Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this book, and you can have your last will and testament prepared easily in a matter of minutes! No need for a lawyer or the staggering legal fees that they charge.


    Buy Now! And be one of the prudent few to avoid intestacy and provide for their family in a proper and meaningful way!


    Last Will and Testament  


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    Enjoy the Peace of Mind that comes with knowing that your loved ones have been provided for!

  • Chapter 1 - About Wills

    What is a Will?

    Basic Components of a Will

    Types of Wills

      Simple Wills

      Testamentary Trust Wills
      Pour-Over Wills
      Self-Proving Wills
      Holographic Wills
      Oral Wills (also called nuncupative wills)
      Joint Wills
      Mirror Wills
      Living Wills

    Dying Intestate

    The Difference Between Wills and Living Wills

    Do-it-Yourself Wills

    Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will?

    Chapter 2 - Making a Valid Will

    What is a Valid Will?

     Age of Majority

     Mental Capacity

     Undue Influence

    Format of a Will

    Signing of a Will

    Having a Will Witnessed

    Notarizing a Will

    Chapter 3 - Wills and Intestacy

    Why Everyone Needs a Will
    Do I Have to Make a Will?
    How Can a Will Save Me Money?
    Intestacy and What Happens if You Don’t Make a Will?

    Partial Intestacy

    Apportionment and Distribution of Assets on Intestacy

    Intestacy and Same Sex Partners

    Estate and Inheritance Taxes

    Chapter 4 - Gif and Beneficiaries

    What is a Gift?

    Specific Item Gifts Cash Gifts

    What is a Beneficiary?

    Types of Beneficiaries and Hierarchy of Distribution

    Specific Gift Beneficiary

    Alternate Beneficiary

    Residuary Beneficiary

    Who May Not Be a Beneficiary?

    Gifts to Spouses

    Community Property States

    Common Law States

    Gifts to Minors
    A Child’s Trust: A Family Pot Trust
    Gifts to Charities
    Gifts to Witnesses
    Failed Bequests
    Releasing Someone from a Debt
    Common Disaster and Simultaneous Death
    Disinheriting Your Spouse
    Disinheriting Your Child
    No Contest Clauses
    Challenging a Will
    Reducing Challenges to a Will

    Chapter 5 - Appointing Executors

    What is an Executor?

    Alternate Executors

    Overview of Executors’ Duties

    What Precisely Does an Executor Do?

    Probate of an Estate

    Grant of Probate

    Who is Entitled to Act as an Executor?

    Who Should be Your Executor?

    Naming an Out-of-State Executor

    Cash Reserves During Probate Administration

    Chapter 6 - Guardians and Children

    What is a Guardian?

    Sole and Joint Guardians

    Alternate Guardians

    Appointment of a Guardian

    Who Can Be a Guardian?

    Should I Appoint Guardians for My Minor Children?

    Considerations When Choosing a Guardian For Your Child

    What Happens When No Guardian is Named in Your Will?

    Leaving an Inheritance for Children Management of Children’s Property

    What Happens Without Property Management?

    Options for Property Management

    Appointment of a Property Guardian

    Uniform Transfer to Minors’ Act

    Child Trusts

    Children’s and Family Pot Trusts

    Whom Should You Choose as a Trustee?

    Trustee’s Duties

    Chapter 7 - Estate Planning

    What is Estate Planning?

    Last will and Testament

    Revocable Living Trusts

    Joint Ownerships

    Pay-on-Death and Transfer-on-Death Accounts

    Insurance Policies

    Probate Free Transfers of Assets “Small Estates”

    Transfer Procedures

    Reducing Taxes on Your Estate

    Planning for Incapacity –

      Power of Attorney for Finance & Property Planning for Incapacity –

      Advance Healthcare Directives
      Living Wills Healthcare Power of Attorney

    Funeral Arrangements



    Chapter 8 - Estate Taxes

    Estate Tax

    Federal Estate Tax

    State Death Tax

    State Estate or Death Taxes: Paid by the Estate

    State Inheritance Taxes : Paid by the Recipient of Property

    “Pick-up” Taxes

    Marital Deductions

    Charitable Deductions

    Other Ways to Reduce Estate Taxes

    Lifetime Gifts to Children and Grandchildren

    QTIP Trust

    Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

    Family Limited Partnerships

    Qualified Family Owned Business (QFMOB)

    Special Use Real Estate Valuation


    Chapter 9 - Getting Organized and Making Your Will

    Before You Start Check Out Some Online Will Packs

    Getting Organized!

    Appoint One or More Executors

    Appoint a Testamentary Guardian for Your Minor Children

    What If You Own Property Overseas?

    Execute Your Will in the Prescribed Fashion

    Consider Related Documentation

    Cash Reserves During Administration

    Location of Will

    Chapter 10 - When Do I Need to Make My Will

    The Power of Now! What Happens Next?

    Always one of two things!

    So, When Should I Make a Will?

    Chapter 11 - Changing Your Will

    How to Change Your Will Using a Codicil

    How Often Should I Review My Will?

    Keep Your Will Updated!

    Revocation of a Will

    Appendix 1 - Glossary of Terms

    Appendix 2 - Estate Planning Worksheet

    Appendix 3 - Sample Wills

    Unmarried With No Children,

    Single Beneficiary

    Unmarried With No Children,

    Multiple Beneficiaries

    Unmarried With Children

    Married With Adult Children - For Husband

    Married With Adult Children - For Wife

    Married With Minor Children - For Husband

    Married With Minor Children - For Wife

    Appendix 4 - General Instructions for Completing Your Will

    Appendix 5 - Specific Instructions for Completing Your Will

    Appendix 6 - Self Proving Affidavit - Type 1

    Appendix 7 - Self Proving Affidavit - Type 2

    Appendix 8 - Addition Clauses

    The following forms are included with this book:-

    Estate Planning Worksheet

  • Estate Planning Worksheet

    Will Forms
  • First will - Unmarried with no children, single beneficiary
  • Second will - Unmarried with no children, multiple beneficiaries
  • Third will - Unmarried with children
  • Fourth will - Married with adult children (for husband)
  • Fifth will - Married with adult children (for wife)
  • Sixth will - Married with minor children (for husband)
  • Seventh will - Married with minor children (for wife)

    Self-Proving Affidavits
  • Self-proving affidavit – Type 1
  • Self-proving affidavit – Type 2
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